We have always believed that music is not only about entertainment. Music is transcendence. Something passes through music; something magical, wonderful and unexplained that touches us deeply and takes us somewhere within our soul and puts us in direct communication with the divine essence. We delve deeply inside ourselves. We feel alive. Sometimes the energy is so strong that we cannot stand still or sing and we are able to overcome embarrassment and judgment towards ourselves. We are free and we feel ease onstage.

This is what Uttern wants to bring; a deep connection to an ancient feeling that the public can envelope and let vibrate within themselves. It is not just a concert. It is a great musical ritual, where the water-fire-earth-air elements combine to the fifth, The Spirit, and the vibration can be felt by everyone, above and below the stage. Strong rhythms alternate with mystical moments and whispered chants, invoking the blessings of heaven and earth. The pitch of the ancestors accompanies us with a strong presence. We sing with our heart full of gratitude for all those souls who tried to build a world of awareness before us, and to whom we look with love and respect. Knowing that the battle to free the world from the veils of convenient lies is not over, it is our goal to pursue it by fighting with truth, simplicity and love.


Five women, five divine powers, strive to connect with the sacred feminine, with the Divine Mother and the old feeling of Europe in all its natural essence, rediscovered after centuries of suffering. Lift up your hands to the ancient constellations with us. Beat your bare feet and make Mother Earth’s body vibrate. Send your energy towards everything around you as a great blessing. Let’s share life and what we have always been. We have not forgotten.